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Schulte Table


The are a lot of millions books in the world. All of them are different. Of course some of them are not very interesting and useful but if you want to read just only masterpieces you will notice that your life is too short for doing this. It is clear to understand that even few books during half of year can change your life in right way. But how we can make time spending on reading more shorter and increase efficient from reading? It is difficult question but the answer is simple - increase your speed reading skills.One of the most important instrument of speed reading is peripheral vision. Well developed side vision allows you to see and clearly perceive few words or even row! So it definitely help you to perceive information quickly and your speed reading will be growth.
Schulte Table - it is classical and efficient way for improving speed reading and general perception. Basically this is the table with 25 items which you should to find quickly one by one. Also you can find letters instead numbers.
To do exercise with Schulte Table you should to focus on the grid center and to find numbers or letters by using you peripheral vision.
Also, you should remember that if you want to succeed you should to have a lot of trainings and practice.